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André Fortier


Artist and citizen of the world, President

Born August 4, 1959, the lion of St-Valere has a very long journey which led him to discover art.

The element and the taste of pure creation.


On the paternal land, member of a family of 14 children, he clearly identifies three stages of his life that influenced him towards a career as a professional artist.

Initially, the paternal step was the '' contact with the metal 'recycling.

At the second stage, it was  the lonely rebel, he learned respect for others,

He is in his third step, looking for public recognition for his love of  glass.
He wants to be the creator of the age of the glass as well as the Stone Age and Bronze.
The thermoforming technique (blow molding, casting and folding the material) led him to create something unique .


Graduated from Centre des Métiers du verre du Québec , André  is like the Picasso a glass,
He wants to master this material in every details .With a touch of poetry he describes his '' material '' as the internal reflection of the inner complexity .From  the complexity of glass, he adds the magic of neon light.It create a visual atmosphere wich  tends to give another dimension. From expererience to an other he invents and mastered this art and doesn't want to stop because no more creating means death to him.

Andre is now looking alloying between bronze, aluminum, granite and other elements to give a unique design to his pieces .


André has heart, like Richard ... a lion that wants to leave its mark, with a big heart .His  dream vision will become reality, because he already has its foundry. Who knows if one day we will not encounter glass monuments signed by André Fortier, artist and citizen of the world.Like Corneille used to say: '' Time is a great master, It fix a lot of things. '' FD


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